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Because of its tropical location close to the Equator, Antigua weather varies only mildly between seasons. In the winter, Antigua weather averages in the mid-seventies with slightly cooler nights. Summertime is just as pleasant, some say the most pleasant in the West Indies, with Antigua weather maintaining a mercury in the mid-eighties. Antigua weather is also officially classified as the sunniest and driest in the Eastern Caribbean, with an annual rainfall of just 45 inches. Most of this comes down in brief spurts between July and October, but rarely for long and seldom over consecutive days. Antigua weather is also relatively free of the stifling humidity that intensifies tropical heat, meaning that all but the hottest days remain bearable.

Like most Caribbean islands, Antigua weather includes a near constant dose of the cooling trade winds that blow southeast to northwest off the water. If you're feeling overwhelmed by a hot afternoon and Antigua weather's powerful sun, positioning yourself on a beach in the path of these breezes will temper even the worst that Antigua weather has to dish out. Shore-side terraces, a common feature of most restaurants here, are an ideal way to enjoy this element of Antigua weather. Their soothing effects can also be felt higher up land.

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